Mixing Old and New Technologies is Fun and Interesting

I like seeing a mix of old and new when it comes to technologies. I still have a working old desk telephone that was made in the 1970s. I use it every day. It is one of those heavy desk models that you probably could run over with a car and not break it. It is one of the first to use DTMF touchtones. I also carry a wooden USB flash drive in my pocket. That is what I call an interesting mix of the old and new. The flash drive in a wooden housing. I think that is neat. I have always wanted to own a cell phone in a wood housing. I think that would be really cool.

I actually collect old telephones. I have a display in my office. Every single one of the phones I have is fully functional. I have an old dial candlestick phone that has the earpiece you hold up to your ear to listen. I have several crank wall models connected to a functioning switchboard that can ring other phones in the lobby and other offices. Our kids have a lot of fun playing telephone operator. They are learning technology from its roots. This will give them a head start in understanding fundamentals that will help them invent the next generations of technologies.

They also think it is cool to carry wooden USB flash drives. Our son collects old video games. Our daughter is partial to music boxes. The analog devices that play music are really fascinating. We are surrounded by all kinds of old and new technologies. I know that people gravitate to the latest and greatest. I am fascinated by old things. I have been collecting old tabletop candy vending machines lately. I have some on display in our lobby. They all work and are all filled with treats. We give the proceeds to charity.


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