Chiropractic Treatments Worked for My Back Pain

When my daughter started dating a member of the football team at her university, I knew they were meant for each other. She brought him home for dinner about a month after they started dating, and he fit in with our family like he had been a part of it forever. There was no awkwardness at all, and he actually helped me tremendously just on that first visit. He noticed that I was having trouble with my back and asked me if I had considered chiropractic for pain relief. I had not, because I just figured the pain was part of getting older.

He told me to look around and see how many other people my age were having to hold onto their backs when they got out of a chair or after just a minute or so of work. He had a point, and I asked him what he knew about chiropractic care. He knew a lot because he had been going ever since he was a senior in high school, which was nearly four years prior to my meeting him. He explained how regular chiropractic treatments helped his flexibility, and it even helped his healing time when he got hurt during his last game in high school.

He talked so positively about it that he convinced me quite easily to make an appointment. I am so glad he did too, because I started seeing the chiropractor on a semi regular basis after that initial visit. I was able to learn about back pain and why mine was hurting so much even when I was not using it a lot. I also learned just why adjustments work. I am now a believer because my pain started going away after a few weeks of adjustments. I don’t go as often now, but I still go every few months just to make sure I am in the best condition I can be in.


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