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We Know We Are Doing the Right Thing for Our Child

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

My husband and I were really lucky in that he had a great job that allowed me the luxury of staying home with our baby for his first years of life. But it soon became apparent that my husband would be laid off. He began looking for a new job immediately, but was having no luck. This meant that I needed to work immediately. I knew that I could find a job quite quickly. This also meant that we would need to put our son into daycare, so I went to the official site for a well known daycare in our area that I had heard about to learn more.

We had always hoped that I would be the only one who would need to care for our child until he reached the age of 5 and could start attending the elementary school near us. (more…)


I Had a Great Time with My Daughter

Friday, January 8th, 2016

When my daughter came home from college, I was so happy to see her. Her mother and I have missed her so much. I learned from one of my buddies that he had a father and daughter night with his teen girl. They went out and did fun things together, and it sounded like something I would love and my daughter would, too. So, I found the official site for a well known limo company in town, and I began making my plans.

My daughter loves ballet. She has been dancing since she was a little girl. I knew that a famous ballet was going to be taking place at our local theater, so I bought tickets for the two of us. My wife was so happy when she found out. Then, my wife bought our daughter a really fancy dress to wear to the performance. It was a beautiful gown that looked classy and elegant.

I reserved a limo for the night. I did not want to ruin the night by going out in my very old car. I wanted things to be magical. (more…)