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Every Football Game at My Leisure

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Football season has gone into full swing, and with that, I decided to look at new options for watching football games. On my local television channels, I can only see a few games, while the others are only shown in highlight clips, or at best, the last few minutes of the games are shown. On cable, which is what I was using, there were more games to see thanks to the extra sports channels, but I still couldn’t see all of them without paying extra for the sports package. The DirecTV pricing plans were far more attractive for the average sports watcher.

DirecTV has sports packages as well, but they don’t cost nearly as much as they do on cable. Every year it seems like cable is trying to milk more money from its customers, and the prices for their services get higher and higher. The sports package prices go up with everything else, and the only real way to get a discount on them is to be a new user, as they usually get a free year or at least a reduced price. Since I had been using cable for 4 years, I would’t have been able to get the discounts.

I became a new user of satellite, which means I got some discounts, in addition to the reduced price that I was already getting for the sports package. This made my monthly bill nearly nothing. To make it even better, I was given a DVR with my subscription, so I could record any game I wanted to, and watch them later at my convenience. Under my old cable plan, a DVR could have cost an addition $13 a month, and I would have only been able to record one game at a time, as opposed to the 4 that I get with satellite.


Planning a Guy’s Night out

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

A couple of my friends from college are going to be in Toronto in a couple of weeks and the four of us are thinking about going out on the town for a big night. I have been thinking that it would be best if some other person were behind the wheel, especially not me. I have to have my driver’s license to do my job and I really like the job that I have. So I have been looking for more info on the cost of renting a limousine for the night. Of course I am not thinking that I want to pay for it all myself, but I figure that a limo is not going to be all that expensive if you split the cost of it four ways. That depends a lot upon how far you go with the concept. (more…)