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Getting SEO Help Will Get Your Website Found

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

As someone who runs my own business, I have to try to work hard to keep up with new ways to bring in enough customers to keep my business afloat. I have a website, and every once in awhile people find my business that way. But because many new people were not finding me online, I wondered for awhile if keeping and paying for the website was worth it. I was at a networking event and mentioned my dilemma to someone else, and they told me I really needed to find an expert SEO service to get help. You learn something new every day, and I’m glad I discussed it with someone.

I worried that the cost to get help for my business site would cost a lot of money. After all, I have had to spend thousands of dollars in the past just to get my business advertised in local media. I was pretty surprised that the cost would only be a little over $100. It sounded too good to be true, but I had been told by my peer at the networking meeting that the service would be worth it. So, I decided to give it a try.

The company explained that the work they would do for me wouldn’t get my page found overnight, but that I would see a difference in how I would show up in search engines within about a week or so. They also said that I would see an even bigger difference in a couple of month’s time as well. It was in their hands, so I let them get to work.

After just a few week’s time, I began to get inquiries through my site about my products from people who were not previous customers. I asked each of them how they found my site, and three of them stated they found me on the first page of a search they did. Wow, the service was working, and it still is!